About us

The covetted Cheese Bicuit Slider

The covetted Cheese Bicuit Slider


Est. 2017

Susan & Nick started the Odd BBQ journey in 2017. Both are former Sous Chefs of Mokomandy in Sterling, VA and have extensive backgrounds in the fine dining and baking industries. Armed with an old panini grill and some catering tables they made the rounds at breweries around Fairfax and Loudoun, developing their food with each event.

Spring of 2018, Ono Brewing was looking for food, and naturally, Odd BBQ was there to answer the call, the rest is history.


Small but Mighty…

We are TINY. Odd BBQ in its entirety, operates from a 9 foot by 12 foot room inside Ono Brewing Company. Our kitchen has less space then some home kitchens, we do not have natural gas and all of our equipment is electric.

As a result, our Menu is limited compared to other local BBQ joints but we make due with what we have.

However with our patrons continued support, our dreams of expansion will become reality.